Or more accurately, “essays etc.” Here you will find a selection of essays, reviews, features, feuilletons and the occasional experimental piece. You can also find archives for specific publications herehere and here.

Night Rider

Dallas, dusk. I’d driven north, crossing through a patchwork of neighborhoods rich and poor, to contemplate the possibilities of a particularly ratty strip mall. There was a pawn

lone star weird

Thus Spake Daniel Kalder No.30 The theme of this latest installment of TSDK is the stranger side of my adopted home, Texas. The impetus was a piece I did for UnHerd on the transfor

Bambi’s Mum Had To Die

When Sergei Eisenstein saw Bambi, he was highly impressed. The great Soviet film director, responsible for such world classics as Battleship Potemkin and Alexander Nevsky, pronounc

Here Be Deplorables

A few years ago I was at a wedding in Delaware when the father of the bride, on learning that I lived in Austin, asked whether Texans still wore spurs and had guns holstered at the

Death Sentences

Daniel Kalder spent almost a decade reading the books of history’s worst tyrants so that you wouldn’t have to. Here he selects some of his favorite sentences written by

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