The LOST COSMONAUT picture CD is now available, price $12US/$14EU all shipping and
handling costs included
. Click on a thumbnail below for a sample. Then read on...

Over two hundred images, including full colour versions of all the photographs in the book plus many more-
and also excerpts and fragments from the Kalder scrapbook. All discs come with a signed Kalder card.

STARE IN HORROR at not one but three different shots of dead mutant babies, revealing the full richness of
nature's wickedness!
GASP IN BEMUSEMENT as the author lies in the dirt next to a dead fox , trying to discern what it was looking
at when it expired!
SHUDDER IN FEAR at the blocked- up windows of Yoshkar Ola's prison, where convicts and guards live
together in dark symbiosis!
AND QUAKE LIKE AN ELECTROCUTED PUPPY at the sight of the mighty Mig- Mag, purveyors of the
burgers of doom!

All this plus RETURN TO KAZAN- images from Daniel Kalder's grim return voyage to the capital of Tatarstan
in 2004, not described in the book. It wasn't looking any better, that's for sure...    

Beautiful landscapes, charming shots of people in ethnic garb selling hand made knick- knacks, or pretty
chocolate- box photography of any sort. Study the pictures in the book and read the anti-tourist manifesto.
That should give you some idea of what to expect.


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